Varicose veins are suffered by both men and women though the percentage of women who suffer from this is higher than the men who suffer from this problem. It is said that around half of the population of people who are more than 50 have this condition.

Who suffers from it?

This condition is suffered by women and men especially when they have crossed 50.

It is also suffered by women who are pregnant or who are going through hormonal changes.

It is suffered by people whose veins have lost the elasticity which is caused due to increased levels of inflammation.

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Types of treatment

There are various ways of treating swollen veins. The various varicose veins treatment ranges from using essential oils to even going through surgery to correct the condition. There are several home remedies that can be used as well.

Here are some ways to treat varicose veins naturally

Some ways of treating Varicose veins are :


When you get regular exercise, it increases the blood flow, and it decreases the inflammation which people suffer when they have the condition such as  varicose veins.  When a person is stagnant for a very long time, the veins find it harder to pump blood efficiently and to recycle it to the heart because they need to fight against gravity. Exercise also helps in other ways as well. It regulates hormones, and people are able to lose weight, or if they have a healthy weight, they are able to maintain it. It also helps to decrease blood pressure levels. All these are different reasons why people may be suffering from Varicose veins, and that is how exercise helps them.

Some of the exercises which are recommended for Varicose veins are calf raises, leg lifts, side lunges and there are other exercises such as swimming, walking, and cycling which helps those who suffer from Varicose veins because this decreases the pressure.

What one should remember when they start to exercise is that they  should do it slowly and if the muscles are sore, it should be iced or heated post working out. Their legs should also be elevated so that the pain and swelling decreases and compression stockings should be used so that a general pressure is created on the leg and blood is prevented from accumulation.

Weight control or weight loss

Those who are overweight usually develop Varicose veins because it increases the pressure which is put on the veins and this results in reflux or inflammation in superficial veins. Those who are overweight usually are not treated until the veins have considerable inflammation or have increased significantly in size.

Essential oils

Essential oils help to improve the flow of blood, and it decreases the inflammation as well as balances the hormones, and this is a good method for superficially treating vein problems. One of the oils that help is Cypress oil. The oil should be rubbed on the problematic area. However, if the skin blisters or feel strained then the person should dilute the Cypress oil with other oils like tea tree, peppermint oil or Lavender oil.

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