Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors are installed to enhance the beauty of a home. French Doors symbolize class and elegance. The first thing people notice about your home is the entrance. French Doors installed at the entrance speak volumes of the refined taste and style of the house owner.


Besides entrance, exterior French Doors are installed in areas which provide access to the garden or the yard in case of a house or a balcony in case of an apartment. Thus whether you keep the French Doors open or close, you can always get a fabulous view of your lovely garden. For your convenience, you can install a linear garage door opener to open your door. Although available in Aluminum and steel frames as well, many people opt for a wooden frame when choosing exterior French Doors. The French Doors are fitted with glass panes which provide an inside view of the house. The glass panes of the French door come in different sizes. Usually transparent glass is used in French Doors but where privacy is an issue, opaque glass is used. The glass can be double paned or single. It can be simple etched or beveled depending on the house owner’s choice. You can also paint the glass according to your liking.

When light penetrates through the glass panes, the room looks bigger, brighter and sort of grand.

The fiber glass pre hung exterior French Door are most sought after, besides adding to the beauty of the house they are easy to clean and maintain. The synthetic material used can withstand the wear and tear of the climate and never peels off nor swells. Although a wide range of exterior French Doors are available but if you have a particular look in mind then you can get the French doors custom made. The exterior French Doors are double doors which open to one side either in or out but sliding and folding doors are also available.

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