Nice sofa & chairs for your living room


Living room or family room is not complete without the presence of modern sofas which usually dominates the interior of the room. The selection of sofa is very important here is based on room size factor , the suitability of color, even the quality of the sofa couch that will determine the comfort of the guests and the whole family when using it .

Here are some quick tips and tricks for how to choose a used sofa in the living room or family room is based on considerations which have been mentioned above:

Tips on selecting a sofa

Adjust the large sofa , table , and chairs its companion ( if any ) with the size of the room. Do not let it be a narrow area for ‘traffic’. Especially if you have children under five.

Note the high back of the sofa. Not to hinder the harmony of view when you want to enjoy knacks other decorations, such as painting , sculpture, or lights.

Adjust the overall decorating style of choice and where the sofa will be placed. If placed in the formal living room , choose a sofa that is not too sofa, because the guests are seated will be hard to get up again for’ sinking swallowed sofa’. In contrast, for the family room, choose a sofa that is not formal style, overstuffed and comfortable to rest.

Note the shape of the sofa. When seated, your feet should be planted on the floor and not hanging. So is the ‘ depth ‘ couches, should be enough to accommodate the entire body while sitting. If the sofa has a section to put the arm, select high enough to be comfortable. Similarly, the back of the couch position, not too tall and not too skewed.Sofa wrapping materials vary greatly. Ranging from cotton, denim, canvas, polyester, synthetic leather, silk, velvet, or leather. All of these materials has advantages and disadvantages of each. Material of genuine leather, for example, can be durable for decades, as long as properly cared for. Or materials from cotton fabric, which has a variety of beautiful shades, but quickly torn.Before you buy a sofa , make sure beforehand whether chosen by you couch it in accordance with the design and character of your room, you should never buy a sofa just because you are tempted because of trends or tend to want to be like other people’s couches. You are most knowledgeable about your own room so believe at your own choice.

You should pay attention to the material and style of the sofa with the condition of your home space. If your house small size, select a classic or simple with muted color selection to keep from being stuffy. But if your home is large enough you can choose sofas with modern styles, Victorian or Art Deco to give the impression of luxury. As for the house with studio models you can wear a simple style, classic, hi – tech or minimalism.For the fashionista you can use the sofa upholstery (coating material) that you can adjust the mode being in the moment. The advantage of using upholstery is you can freely change the atmosphere of the room without buying a new sofa.

If you have a great living room interior and you still confuse what to fill it with, well this post might help you out. In this post we’ll share some of the unique sofa and chairs for your living room. We know the design of the chairs or sofa might look weird, but I think it will look super great in your new living room! Well.. take a look!


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