Keys to a good home interiors

Unless you are skilled, decorate any room in your home can be a real challenge, since many factors must be taken into account: colors, lighting, sizes, materials, fabrics, trends. Ideally all we could hire the services of a professional, who know our tastes and needs will clear what you should do with our house. Unfortunately, most do not have enough budget to cover these expenses. Yes, on sites like Nicehomedesigns you can find everything you need to succeed with your home decor.

Today, for example, we speak of the keys to achieving good interior decoration. Would you like to join us? They will be of great help!


Let’s start talking about what, for us, is a major key when decorating any interior space. We refer, as you could imagine, to enlightenment. So what we suggest is that we potencies the most of natural light as sunlight is essential to enhance the mood. To achieve this, it is best to use light colors for walls, fabrics and even furniture. As for artificial lighting you should consider what you destinarĂ¡s each room and, on this basis, choosing the right kind of light. Also, keep in mind that it is always better to place points of light where they are really necessary to opt for a general light.


Another key to getting a good interior decoration is to match the colors, as these influence both the perception of space and our mood. One of the most commonly used rules when combining the colors is 60-30-10, which consists in choosing a neutral tone for 60% of the space, another color for 30% and more space for the striking tone 10% is left. Of course, the division may not be accurate. On the other hand, it is very important that you consider that light colors are ideal for smaller and / or darker stays as enhancing light while visually enlarge the space. Also, you should know that neutral colors are easier to combine and less tired.

Customize spaces

If you want to turn your house into a real home is essential that you customize spaces, something that you will achieve through the details, which should reflect your lifestyle and your personal tastes. They will help you give a personal touch to your home family photos, travel souvenirs, posters of your favorite films, decorative details in your favorite colors, plants, flowers.

Functional Furniture

Another key in interior decorating is choosing the pieces of furniture that really necessary either to have more storage space to fill a gap that was empty or to give a personal touch to the room. What matters is that each piece meets a specific function, without saturating the space. This is even more important in small houses, which are the most common today. So, what you should look for is that your home is comfortable and functional.

The walls and the focal point

Finally, it is essential that you do not forget the walls as they play an important role in the home. Yes, try not to fill them with paintings, photographs and other items, and you could saturate the atmosphere. In addition, we recommend you always choose a piece that acts as a focal point through which turn all the decoration.

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