Decorative styles for 2016

The 2015 is a dot to finish, so it’s time we start thinking about next year. If you want to redecorate your home, for example, it is important that you consider what decorative trends that will prevail in the coming months will be. So today we talk about the styles that are fashionable in 2016.

Although next year will see some variations, the fact remains that continue succeeding the same decorative styles that have been trend this 2015. Want to know what decorative styles they will be in 2016? So do not miss anything we tell you then!

Eclectic style

Undoubtedly, one of the decorative styles that prevail throughout 2016 will be eclectic. As I have already explained in Nicehomedesigns, this decorative trend is to mix furniture, accessories and decorative objects from different eras and styles. However, it may seem an easy style to apply, is one of the most complicated, since it is very difficult to find the perfect balance between such different elements. The important thing to succeed is that different pieces have a link such as the color.

Vintage Style

Another decorative styles that will trend over the next year will be the vintage style that has existed for several years making war. Yes, apparently, over the coming months will see a softer version, at least as far as worn elements are concerned. Yes, the retro pieces still have their place in our home.

Industrial Style

One style that is booming right now is industry, which is closely linked to the loft houses, as it has its origin in the decade of the 50s, when it became fashionable to adapt old factories and warehouses to convert in housing. The results were broad and generous in light structural elements sight environments. We refer to the walls of brick, beams and pipes. Also, were common floors and concrete ceilings. What is now attempting to recreate this type of housing, highlighting the typical elements of that era. A key to this style is that it is quite eclectic as aesthetic elements can coexist very different times. As for materials, dominated by natural wood, iron, concrete and, in general, all that used to be present in the old factories. Special mention must vintage industrial style, which is one that combines the elements and industrial materials with retro pieces.

Male Style

We also have to talk about the masculine style, another trend that triumph next year both in the world of fashion and decor. It is a style that has a lot to do with minimalism, as it is characterized by sober environments and with few decorative elements. Moreover, the few pieces in the male spaces are characterized by simple lines and neutral and muted colors, especially white, gray, brown and black.

Other players styles of 2016

Although the styles that success in the coming year will be those just mention you, there are other decorative trends that are very present during 2016. These include the ethnic style, characterized by the predominance of prints and pieces reminiscent of the local crafts from other parts of the world. You must also take into account that in 2016 still have more importance all eco-friendly.

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