Separating spaces easily and cheaply

Becoming smaller and stays connected together to save space houses are built. This is the case, for example, kitchens with breakfast bar. The goal is bright, open and unobstructed spaces, loft-inspired design. A decorative style that has many advantages for its spaciousness and versatility. But also has some major drawbacks, such as limited environments. How can we separate spaces easily without having to work?

The importance of a good decoration

The decor is a world full of infinite possibilities that are intended to cover all kinds of decorative requirements, but also to our domestic life more convenient and comfortable. Because the home is to be enjoyed to the fullest and live through our decor. Therefore it is very important to choose the furniture, accessories and textiles suitable for each corner of the house. Starting first, by limiting our rooms.

The trend of sharing various environments in the same space is very fashionable. A decorative style that is very successful and is highly recommended especially in small homes, where we suffer the lack of space. Do you sign up to connect environments? In that case, take note of how easily separate rooms with large dose of creativity.

Separate rooms with plants

No need to spend a lot of money nor do work at home, because with something as simple as decorative plants and flowers you can separate rooms and naturally decorate. And to properly define the rooms, our advice is to use plants and large flowers. But do not forget not to choose decorative and styled in harmony with the rest of your stay pots. That is, try to pick your plants and flowers considering the rest of your decor.

With screens

Another good idea to separate areas without works is using screens. You will find them available in a wide variety of designs, colors, styles and sizes. Where? In any specializes in home decor as Leroy Merlin, Ikea trade. But before choosing a screen, our advice is to not lose sight of the style of your room. As mentioned before, all the decorative accessories must have a certain aesthetic balance and should be combined. Therefore, if your bedroom decor is vintage, the screen should be too. Do not forget!

With carpets

A decorative accessory as simple as carpets can also really help separate different integrated into a single space rooms. For example, you can place a large carpet in a room and leave the other bare room to know they are two different environments.

If you regularly read Decorablog sure you remember our suggestions to separate spaces with curtains, delimit environments lightweight walls or even separate rooms with indoor gardens. And this decorative tendency is much wider than you think.

With furniture

Another good idea may define various environments using all kinds of furniture, such as a bookcase. Thus, in addition to separate rooms and decorate, you get a very tidy home. Shelves, bookcases, chairs. Find the right furniture!

Did we helped with our suggestions for separating spaces? Decorative inexpensive and very easy to implement solutions that are available to suit all budgets. If you know more ideas for decorating and separate rooms that are integrated into the same space, be encouraged to share them with us all.

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