How to build a prefabricated house step by step

Know manufactured homes? They are a trend of success by betting more and more people as their future home. Its low cost when compared to other homes, in addition to its construction process that requires less time and sustainability are the keys to success for this type of housing.

If you are thinking about building your own manufactured home, you want to know the most important for the construction of these houses steps. In Decorablog we explain everything you need to know about manufactured homes. An economic investment which must be prepared and also very knowledgeable. So let’s clarify doubts …

What are prefabricated houses

First of all, are you completely clear what is a manufactured home? They are houses built of several sections, modules or panels in large factories, then move these sections to the site chosen, where they will be mounted following the construction plans.


Actually, the first step before thinking about the plans will be to choose the right place to mount the modules or panels. Have clear where to build your home? Be sure to choose a field uniform and also considers many other aspects, such as location, neighborhood, the scenic views, the price of that land.


And when you clear the location, must draw up plans for your manufactured home. If you need some ideas, do not miss the examples of drawings for prefabricated houses like we explained in a previous article Decorablog.

We can make ourselves these planes or can enlist the help of a professional to advise us. In fact, it is highly recommended, since we must take into account other details such as the installation of electricity and basic security issues.

Budget and licenses

However, before preparing the plans is also important to consider the budget numbers and we are willing to spend to build our house. In fact, the budget will determine largely the choice of ground planes, type of housing, materials that we use for construction, energy systems or the company that will hire to do the works.

And speaking of doing works, other details and also need to consider your budget are inevitably increase the licenses will have to pay to make the whole process of construction.

Aspects to consider in building

Once we have all these detailed previous steps, the land chosen and designed completely flat, just need to get down to work with construction. In this sense, if you consider yourself an expert in these matters, you have good construction plans and materials, you can make yourself the modules or sections of your manufactured home. Although it is advisable to enlist the help and advice of a specialist in these issues now.

If you decide to make yourself construction, do not forget to take the time necessary for each step, because they are all equally important. The foundation of our house is essential to ensure that the building is safe. In this sense, do not forget that the whole weight of the house fall on the ground, so that this first step is very important. The line, leveling, compaction, quality materials.

Another important detail is that the prefabricated house are lighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other households, especially for materials used in construction. And in this sense, is the preferred wood to build such housing material. Contemporary, versatile, stylish, easy to work and good value.

A sustainable house

In addition, wood is also very environmentally friendly and sustainable material. The problem is that if you are thinking of choosing this type of housing, security is a very important detail to keep in mind. Woodworm treatments and finish, fire prevention, moisture and other details that will help us make our home as safe as possible. How Come? The more experienced you probably already know they will need solutions like mud roofs, metal joints or sealing asphalt.

Although there are many other materials that we can use for our manufactured home. In this sense, as we mentioned before, you must not forget that such households have a sustainable basis, both because construction processes and materials are environmentally friendly, as systems of the dwelling itself trying to make the most of natural resources, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

If you are thinking of hiring a company, you can put your trust in the professionals, but you can also participate with your own suggestions. Whereas if you’re thinking of doing the work yourself, do not forget to ask for help, because this type of housing require time, effort and investment.

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