If you love to dance, there won’t be a single unhappy day in your life- Because dance is a sheer joy! And many people, those who are inborn dancers and even those who aren’t – all are picking up some or the other dance form. So why wait? Even you can start right away! Choose one from these popular dance forms across the world and sway away to the beats!

Flamenco is energy and grace personified! And those who are dancers will know – bringing both together is a huge task! But flamenco is the perfect dance form – originated in Spain, but has thousands of takers across the world! The best part of flamenco is that there is no specific dance form, but a certain set of rhythmic movements which dancers must stick to. So all you have to do is learn these moves and start dancing!


Belly dance:
Though complex, belly dancing still has a lot of learners across the world. This intense dance form is not only a treat to the eye but equally tough to master! Tracing back it’s origins to the Middle East; belly dancing is a super expressive dance form. Filled with fluid movements, this dance form’s all about how flexible you are and how flexible you can move your body!

Belly dance

Salsa is one loved dance form across the world – find the right salsa partner and get started! There are tonnes of courses for which a lot of couples sign up, making it one of the most loved couple dance forms in the world. The crisp, the energy, expression, and vibe – all of it together makes salsa a beautiful dance form to learn and master!

Bollywood style:
This dance craze from India caught up with the whole world! Full of energy, free movements, and expressions, the Bollywood way of dancing is very free spirited! You’ll love the way how any movement can become a legit dance step p- that’s what makes learning this dance form interesting. And man, you don’t even need to learn it – just watch Bollywood dance videos, and you’ll get the hang of what this dance from actually is!


Break Dance:
The trend of breakdance began in the late ’90s, and the jerky, swift and agile movements of this dance form caught the attention of the whole world! All you require is a fit body that’s ready to twist, turn, bend as demanded! That and of course, a lot of hard work is what you require to become a pro at breakdancing!

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