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Unless and until you opt to sleep and rest your brain for a while, there are many other productive ways by which you can spend your free time. Most people keep scrolling through the internet, social media sites the minute they get some free time off. But social media is an utter waste of time – instead, find ways and means by which you can proudly say that you’ve used your valuable time in a useful manner! Here are a few ideas which you can consider:

Read anything – be it the newspaper, a novel, a magazine – anything you can lay your hands on. Time spent reading is always productive as you end up learning something new always – a new fact, a new word, another aspect of the world and so on. Reading also enhances your imagination and creativity – so make it a point to read. Quickly scan through a couple of pages the minute you get free.

Reading paper

This me-time is perfect to introspect – you can think about your day, your life, your goals and dreams – and whether you’re working towards achieving them. Introspection helps you realize how you could use your day in a better, more productive manner. It also helps you to improve, so take those 10 minutes that you get off to think and ponder about nothing but yourself.

Learn a new instrument:
Well now, this is of course, if you have long hours of free time! You can enrol yourself in a music class, where they teach you to play the instrument you always wanted to learn. If it’s the drums, get on them and begin jamming! The guitar was your all-time favourite, pick it up and start strumming! A 45-minute session is enough for you to be refreshed and feel relieved and energized.


Learn a new language:
You can do these things, without bothering what age you are. Just step into the language class and enrol yourself into it – keep your inhibitions behind, it’s never too late to learn something new! And a language? Well, that’s a skill that can never go waste, no matter what!

Try your hand at art:
You need not be a professional artist to draw, paint, doodle or scribble – art is just an expression of your innermost feelings. So even if it’s all messy, vague and not understandable at all, it still can be called art! Pick the brush or those colored pens and doodle your way away!

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