Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. If you want to pursue career in digital marketing, you have to be trained in the field. This training is done exclusively for some companies while some other companies accept a general digital marketing course. Apart from this, there are also specified courses in digital marketing such as SEO- Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Marketing, PPC, etc. Some of the best digital marketing training and courses are-


  • Simplilearn’s Full Stack Digital Marketer Master’s Program- In this course you get the complete package on how to be a good marketer and there nine full length comprehensive courses that cover different areas in digital marketing. In this course you are offered nine advanced courses which include PPC, web analytics, SEO, content and e-mail. You gain access to Digital Marketing Certified Associate course and there are monthly mentoring sessions by experts.
  • Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Expert Pass- A pioneer in digital marketing training, this course was founded in 2007. Market Motive’s curriculum is licensed worldwide and highly trusted by enterprises. With this course you get 250+ hours of e-learning information and content, training from faculties who have been a part of the Silicon Valley, courses in PPC, Conversion, Mobile marketing, analytics, AdWords and SEO. This course also provides you to connect with experts in the field and have your questions answered by leaders.  To buy the expert pass which gives you access to Market Motive’s courses, the montly plan costs around $299 and the yearly plan costs $999.


  • Digital Marketing Specialization in Coursera- The online course giant offers a hands-on certification in Digital Marketing Specialization which requires 32 to 40 hours every week. The course offers an insight into marketing in the digital world, marketing analytics- both theory and practical, overview of different digital marketing channels, how to plan a digital strategy and about the Capstone project.  The individual courses cost about $79 and the complete package is priced at $426.
  • AMA’s Digital Marketing eLearning Certificate Modules- the American Marketing Association offers courses in different fields of digital marketing such as content marketing, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, web and digital analytics. From these certificate modules you get an interactive e-learning material and interactive case studies, a quiz at the end of each module and Continuing Education Unit which contribute to AMA’s PCM credential. The course starts at $99 for AMA members and at $129 for its non-members.


  •’s Marketing Tutorials- This is a good site for beginners who might want to try digital marketing or learn more about digital marketing. This course does not result in a certification but the training video provided for every individual topic and the practice files give a good training sessions for those who just started in the field of digital marketing.

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